1. Identification of the substance(s) and composition

Product Name MagicGRIP Slip Resistive Tile & Stone Treatment Code
Product Use Use as an anti-slip treatment for tiled surfaces by mop or lambswool applicator.
Name Cas Number Proportion w/w
Ammonium BiFluoride 1341-49-7 1 – 10%
Water 7732-18-5 60 – 100%
Other Non – Hazardous Ingredients Not Known 1 – 10%

2. Hazard Identification

Chronic Risk
Acute Causes burns to the skin.
Skin Risk 34 No assigned risk phrases.
Inhalation Risk
Ingestion Risk 22 Harmful if swallowed.
Eyes Risk 34 Causes burns to the eyes.
ADG UN 3264, Corrosive Liquid, Acidic, Inorganic, Not Otherwise Specified, Class 8,
Classification Packing Group III, HAZCHEM 2X, IERG 37, Emergency Procedures No. 3105
SUSDP Classified as a Schedule S 5 poison.



3. First Aid Measures

Inhalation Remove away from contaminated area to the fresh air. Keep the victim warm and quiet until all symptoms subside.
Ingestion If swallowed and only if the person is conscious, give 2 glasses of water to drink. DO NOT induce vomiting. Seek URGENT medical attention if frothing from the mouth occurs.
Eyes If eye contact occurs, flush thoroughly (for at least 15 minutes) with plenty of fresh, clean water. Seek medical attention.
Skin If skin contact occurs, remove contaminated clothing, and wash thoroughly with soap and plenty of water. Then applied Calcium Gluconate to the affected area.
First Aid Facilities Clean Water Supply, soap or skin cleaner, Calcium Gluconate Gel, barrier cream, emergency showers and eye wash stations.
Advice to Doctor If poisoning occurs, consult with the Poisons Information Centre (Telephone 13 11 26). Have a copy of this material safety data sheet available. Treat symptomatically.

4. Fire Fighting Measures

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5. Accidental Release Measurements

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