Slippery floors fixed fast
The slip resistive treatment for tile and stone.

We are proud to be the distributor of MagicGrip™ – the world’s best non-slip and anti slip treatment process for all tile and stone floors. It is a truly remarkable process that permanently, quickly and invisibly fixes slippery tiled, stone, ceramic & porcelain surfaces – inside or out.

MagicGrip™ is NOT a coating – it’s a process that changes the molecular structure of the surface of the tile or stone, permanently changing its coefficient of friction. It cannot scrape off or chip, not requiring periodic re-application.

Working at molecular level, it is invisible to the naked eye. Even if you ran your hand over it, it won’t feel “bumpy” like most other non-slip coating treatments – ensuring ease of cleaning and maintenance.

Once treated, a MagicGrip™ safety surface feels safe underfoot. And in the wet, it can save many nasty slip or fall injuries so pedestrians feel safe and confident.

A unique product – treatment process to get non slip and anti slip floor


MagicGrip™ is the only treatment process of its kind available today, achieving required levels of slip resistance leaving polished surfaces brilliantly glossy. International Standards for Slip Resistance

MagicGrip™ meets (and often surpasses) international benchmark standards from the UK, USA, NZ and complies specifically with AS/NZS4586 and AS/NZS4663. Australian Standards.


Many global independent slip testing authorities, including CSIRO, continually confirm that the MagicGrip™ process is suitable for installation in almost all wet pedestrian situations.

Safety – A Massive & Growing Market


Nasty injuries are sustained everyday, all over the world, on slippery-when-wet surfaces. Over 80% of personal safety litigation involves a slip and fall incident.

Laws are being implemented worldwide to guide the legal process. International Standards have been introduced for pedestrian slip resistance.

This is our market – the safety market.

MagicGrip™ is a remarkable product that literally transforms any slippery tile or stone surface into a safety surface.

It is totally invisible, permanent, quick to install – with no warranty issues.


MagicGrip™ has been installed in thousands of locations. Here are a few of the Clients:

  • Commercial Building
  • Country Club
  • Hospital
  • Hotel
  • Restaurant
  • School
  • Spas & Wellness
  • Shopping Mall
  • Swimming Pool
  • Washroom

How it works
The MagicGrip™ installation process is remarkably simple and has a real “wow” factor. Client’s reactions swing between amazed and enthusiastically impressed.

A unique and powerful formulation, MagicGrip™ is used in various concentrations, according to the surface being treated.

Installation equipment is inexpensive and readily available anywhere, anytime.

Here’s the basic process:

  • Apply MagicGrip™ solution to the slippery surface
  • Leave for 5-10 minutes while it does its magic
  • Simply hose off… leaving it permanently safe!