For over 30 years to help photoluminescent signs and signposts of PERMALIGHT people to find their way in dark environments such as buildings, underground car parks, trains, ships or other places and quick to get into dangerous situations in safety. SECUREMEN offers quality safety signs and guidance systems from the PERMALIGHT product range:

Rescue Signs and Shield:

Marked escaped routes serves the security inside buildings. In emergency situations, the use of photoluminescent exit sign can save lives. When every second counts, the photoluminescent signs are necessary guides for people to leave danger areas quickly. In addition, to indicate different exits different icons are used accordingly. For example for the identification of first-aid kits, the nearest doctor or life preservers. Depending on the use the escape sign can be designed differently and be as fair and individual application areas and requirements.



Pavement markings and control systems:

Underbody markings understood by the expert products from basic materials such as special paint, polycarbonate (PC), PVC, aluminum, stainless steel and enameled metal. In accordance with the applicable standards pavement markings are attached to identify risk areas for example, to mark escape routes or to show the way to the nearest safe area. In this use of photoluminescent floor markings make an important contribution to the completion of an effective safety control system. Especially in dangerous situations guidance can speed up the evacuation of people. In this context, is an aspect which all Permalight® products take into account crucial: Photoluminescent safety markings and signs must also work in total darkness, because even during a power failure and smoke development road markings, signs or emergency fire safety signs should be reliable.