Lightweight internal floating cover made of aluminium and/or stainless steel to limit the emissions which occur where volatile hydrocarbons are stored in fixed roof tanks.

Minimum Emission
The VACONODECK is a light-weight compact internal floating deck made of high-quality aluminium, stainless steel or from a combination of the two materials, to be used inside a fixed roof tank for the storage of volatile hydrocarbons. The system is designed as a pontoon construction floating on the stored product and functions as a gas barrier reducing vapour losses by up to 97%. The system thereby not only ensures a substantial increase in tank operation profitability but also protects the atmosphere, thus making an effective contribution towards the elimination of environmental pollution. You can calculate your profit using the VACONO Profit Calculation Sheet and convince yourself how quickly the VACONODECK will pay for itself.

National and International Standards
Each VACONODECK is individually designed and tailor-made to fit the corresponding tank in compliance with national and international industrial standards, such as API 650 App.H, TRbF 120 or BS 2654 APP. E, which are used within the petroleum and chemical industry. The VACONODECK owes its perfect fit in part to its customized, extruded peripheral profile that guarantees a constant distance between the floating deck and the internal wall of the tank. This increases the efficiency of the sealing systems which have been especially developed for the VACONODECK to seal off the annular space. The application of light-weight sealing materials permits the minimization of evaporative loss. It goes without saying that all the materials used have been carefully selected in accordance with the aspects of quality, duration and compatibility with the products to be stored.

Advanced Flotation System
The use of 8″ diameter floats, each individually tested under pressure in the workshop, guarantees and equal displacement of buoyancy under the entire VACONODECK A 100% reserve buoyancy is warranted for. Should an individual float fail during operation, no significant reduction in buoyancy will occur. Further, the application of 8″ floats together with the special prefabricated peripheral profiles ensures a low construction, thereby guaranteeing minimal loss of tank capacity. If a tank is taken out of operation for inspection, maintenance and/or repair, an optimum in the number of deck supports provides a uniform distribution of the specific weight and further guarantees for its passability by personnel over its entire surface.

Due to its unique design, the VACONODECK is practically maintenance-free
In addition to high rigidity and stability warranted for through its design and construction, the long service life of the floating cover is further ensured through the excellent corrosion resistance exhibited by the materials selected. The use of “cladded” deck sheets is a unique feature of the VACONODECK. These sheets are coated on both sides with a special aluminium alloy containing zinc which prevents the perforation of the panel by localised pitting. This form of corrosion can occur as a result of an electrolytic reaction of the water condensate in connection with rust particles falling from the roof and walls of the tank onto the deck.

Low Erection Costs
The VACONODECK is designed as a modular system which can be easily erected on site by local crews on compliance with the provided erection documents – our specialists can supervise the on-site erection worldwide, if this is required. All components, especially the floats, profiles and clamp bars as well as the metal sheets are prefabricated in Rheinfelden, ensuring simple, rapid and economical erection and also the high quality of this unique system.