VACONODOME – aluminium geodesic dome roofs are used to coverstorage tanks of up to 120 m diameter in the petroleum industry. They are usually used in refineries and tank farms, where both the storage products and structural tank components must be protected from atmospheric and environment mental influnces. VACONODOME combines ecological aspects with economic benefits as it prevents the contamination of the storage product by e.g. rainwater, sand and other foreign matters, and reduces evaporation loss caused by wind or direct exposure to sunlight.
This is what makes the VACONODOME so interesting:

Self-Supporting Aluminium Dome Roof
VACONODOME is designed as a self-supporting dome roof where-by only its outer edge is connected to the tank shell around the outer rim. Central struts, which would have to pass through erected floating roofs or decks and would diminish the efficiency of the system, are no longer required. This advanced constructional design results in an important reduction of evaporation loss.

extreme-light-weightExtreme Light-Weight Construction
The weight of a VACONODOME (approx. 60 m diameter) is only 10-15%
of a comparable, self-supporting steel roof. The system therefore offers
a cost-optimised solution by saving the weight of the tank cover and is
also suitable for the retrofitting of existing floating roof tanks, which are
designed to function without a steel roof. The storage product is thus
completely protected from contamination by rain-water as a
malfunctioning of the floating roof drainage system is eliminated.
For new tanks, the light weight of the VACONODOME allows savings in expenditure for the foundations as well as the tank shell.

Use the know-how of our experienced engineers during the planning stage for new or already existing tanks even being in operation.

Corrosion Resistance And Low Maintenance
All structural components of the VACONODOME are fabricated from highly-tensile aluminium alloys and possess excellent corrosion-resistant features, especially in an aggressive humid or saline atmosphere. An additional protective coating is not required, even after decades of operation, as our aluminium constructions are designed to last as long as the tanks they are built on. This has been confirmed in the course of numerous tests in cooperation with internationally accepted research institutes of the aluminium industry. These features are derived from our track record covering more than 100 years of aluminium production and processing as well as the continuous further development of the single structural components.

The VACONODOME can be equipped with the most different and sophisticated accessories to ensure an optimal functioning of the entire tank construction. Special counter flashing solutions allow an ideal fit of the VACONODOME if walkways have to be kept clear.


Low Erection Cost
As a consequence of the simple but well-developed design, the VACONODOME aluminium construction can be erected very quickly by local crews, without the demand for specially trained personnel. Our specialists can supervise the on-site erection worldwide, if this is required.


The VACONODOME is designed and fabricated in compliance with the national and international industrial standards recommended for the petroleum industry or chemical industry and erected on site. Great significance is paid to the American API 650 standard which is accepted in most countries all over the world. Moreover the latest European standards (Eurocode) as well as the local valid industrial standards are of course complied within the scope of the structural calculations.